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Ford Short Flareside Tailgate With Latches & Link Assembly


Download 1. Assemble the bed and make sure the box is square. Measure the distance between the bedsides at the floor level and the top. This width should be 49″. Also measure cross wise from one front corner to the opposite rear corner in both directions. These measurements should be within 1/16″ of each other. Remove the chain assemblies if so equipped. 2. Place some masking tape over the hinge attaching locations on one of the bedsides. Install the hinges and the new tailgate and make sure it is aligned to your satisfaction. 3. Mark the location of the hinge onto the masking tape so that it may be removed and re-installed in the same exact location. 4. Remove the hinge marked in step # 3 above and remove the tailgate. Install the hinge back into position using the marked masking tape as a guide. 5. Slide the template provided onto the hinge far enough that the template can lay flat against the inside of the bedside. The outer edge of the template should be even with the outer edge of the bedside. Clamp the template in place. The template has been painted a dark color for the photo. 6. Mark the bedside through the two small 1/8″ diameter holes in the template. These will be the location for the latch striker and the upper link mounting position. 7. Remove the template and center punch these locations and drill 5/16″ holes through the bedside. Remove the burr from both holes on the inside and outside.