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Acura TSX Gold Emblem Installation Instructions


Download TOOLS AND SUPPLIES REQUIRED Phillips screwdriver Flat-tip screwdriver Diagonal cutters Isopropyl alcohol Shop towel String Masking tape Long-nose pliers. INSTALLATION NOTE: Be careful not to damage the body paint finish when removing and installing the emblems. This gold emblem kit should only be installed if the ambient air temperature is 60°F (15°C) or above. To allow the adhesive to “cure,” do not wash the car for 24 hours. Installing the Front “A” Emblem 1. Open the engine hood. Remove the eight short clips, two long clips, and two medium clips securing the radiator cover and remove the cover. 2. Using a small Phillips screwdriver, reach between the radiator bulkhead and front grille. 3. Remove the two self-tapping screws securing the old “A” emblem, and remove the emblem. 4. Slide the pins on the gold “A” emblem into the holes in the front grille and install the two self- tapping screws you just removed. 5. Reinstall the radiator cover in the reverse order of removal. Check that the clips and other fasteners are installed securely without play or lifting. Installing the Rear “A”, “ACURA” and “TSX” Emblems 1. To prevent damage to the body paint finish and help you position the gold emblems, attach masking tape around the original rear “A,” “ACURA,” and “TSX” emblems. 2. Remove the original emblems by cutting the outer edges with a piece of string.