Home Auto Repair 2006 Honda Civic Coupe GRIP Body Kit Installation Instructions

2006 Honda Civic Coupe GRIP Body Kit Installation Instructions


Download GRIP highly recommends that our kits be installed by professionals with experience installing automotive aftermarket parts and accessories. However, we do recognize that many customers will install their own kits. GRIP will not issue refunds for improper installation, resulting in poor alignment and fit of the kit. All kits are sold with necessary attaching hardware. Some fasteners already on your vehicle may be reused, so care must be taken during removal. PLEASE NOTE: All GRIP body kits need to be properly sanded and primed before painting, even if the part arrives pre-primed. Failure to properly prepare parts before painting can result in poor paint finish and adhesion. Please pre-fit parts before painting! Once a part has been painted or modified in any way it cannot be returned. NOTE : GRIP will not be liable for any damage incurred in the installation of the kit. Any damage incurred will be the installer’s responsibility. Front Lip Note: parts need to be prepared/sanded to remove any surface irregularities before painting. 1. Carefully jack the vehicle up off of the ground enough so that you can remove the wheels. After placing jack stands, remove the rear wheels. 2. Test fit the front lip. Take note of the areas where the lip will attach to the body. If there are any irregularities due to vehicle build variances make adjustments by whatever means necessary. See Figure A. 3.