Home Auto Repair Ford Stealth Intake Manifold Installation Instructions

Ford Stealth Intake Manifold Installation Instructions


Download PARTS REQUIRED: A. Intake manifold gasket set, such as Fel-Pro P/N 1250. B. Thermostat housing gasket. C. Oil-resistant, silicone based sealant, such as Permatex Silicone “Form-A-Gasket”, Dow Corning Silastic, or equivalent. D. Spray gasket adhesive, such as Fel-Pro’s “Spray Tack”, P/N 220. E. Pipe plugs, if needed. F. Carburetor base gasket (usually supplied with the carburetor). G. Teflon tape. NOTE: Never install tapered (pipe) fittings in an aluminum manifold without Teflon tape or thread damage will likely occur. TOOLS REQUIRED: A. Socket wrench set – 3/8″ drive ratchet and extensions H. Needle nose pliers B. Open end wrenches – 3/8″ to 1″ I. Drain bucket C. Box end/flare wrenches (optional) J. Timing light D. 10″ adjustable wrench (crescent) K. Torque wrench E. Ignition wrench set L. File F. Screwdrivers – standard and Phillips, various lengths M. 5/16″ x 18NC tap (for cleaning bolt holes) G. Gasket scraper MANIFOLD REMOVAL PROCEDURE 1. Disconnect the ground cable from the battery. 2. Identify the vacuum and crankcase ventilation hoses (if any) leading to air cleaner and note routing and connection points. Remove the air cleaner. 3. Prior to removing any other vacuum lines, identify the routing of the lines. Mark and remove the vacuum lines from the carburetor and/or intake manifold. 4. Drain the radiator. (It may be necessary to remove the bottom radiator hose if there is no drain plug in the radiator).