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Acura TSX/Honda Accord Euro Aluminum Floor Mat Plate


Download Acura TSX/Honda Accord Euro Aluminum Floor Mat Plate Installation Procedures 1. Thoroughly clean/vacuum the floor mat. 2. Position the aluminum plate on the mat and adjust its position so it best fits your feet movements during driving. You should imitate pressing the pedals and position the plate so that your heel stays on it the whole time while operating the pedals. Avoid positioning the plate where there is a possibility of your heel hitting its edge, as this my hinder your operating performance. 3. Using a marker, mark position of the plate in one of the corner holes. 4. Remove the mat and position the plate as marked before to confirm that this is the final position in which you want to attach the plate. Note: In this picture the plate is positioned on the right side, because the car in which this plate will be installed is AT. However, for MT vehicles, you will have to position it more centrally, since you would use both feet to operate MT pedals. 5. Using any type of a puncture tool, make a hole in the previously marked spot. 6. Prepare to insert the screw and washer from bottom of the mat. 7. Using a utility knife, cut away rubber pegs surrounding the puncture hole underneath the floor mat. 8. Drive the screw and washer through the punctured hole. 9. Place the aluminum plate upside down on the rug, then place the floor mat upside down on the plate, in the position aligning the inserted screw with the earlier chosen corner hole of the plate.