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Honda Ridgeline 2WD/4WD ReadyLift Manual Installation


Download Position truck on a flat surface and lift vehicle by the frame so that the front wheels are off the ground. Use a minimum of 3 ton jack stands and place under frame for safety or use a (2) two post lift if available. Make sure that the emergency brake is on and the rear wheels are blocked to prevent a rollout. FRONT SUSPENSION 1. Remove the front wheels. Remove axle nut to prevent the CV joint from coming apart. 2. Unclip the ABS line at three points. Two places on the strut, one place on the frame. Unbolt the brake line support bracket from the strut. 3. Remove three nuts from under plastic plugs under hood. These attach the upper strut to the truck 4. Place rags or some other cushioning over the axle, to prevent the sharp bottom of the strut from cutting the CV boot. 5. Remove the sway bar end link from the truck. This will be replaced with the sway bar link included in the kit. 6. Remove the lower bolt of the strut and remove the strut assembly. Be careful not to cut the CV boot 7. You will need to reach inside the strut attaching point in the fender wheel to retrieve the factory upper strut mounting nuts. Attach the ReadyLift® strut extension to the strut. 8. Reinstall the strut into the truck— it is helpful to have someone assist you by attaching one of the upper mounting nuts to the strut. 9. Reverse steps 1-8, using the new shorter sway bar links included with the kit. Torque all hardware to factory specs.