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Honda S2000 Accessories Windscreen Manual Installation


Download Tools and parts needed: â Small watchmaker’s screwdriver or other small screwdriver â Duct tape â Several old credit cards â One inch wide putty knife, blade covered with duct tape to prevent marring of the windscreen plastic â Medium size Phillips screwdriver â Tube of Goop outdoor brand adhesive â Super glue (any high quality super glue will do) â Any brand Super glue accelerator Follow the instructions carefully and work slowly and cautiously. Do not exert excessive force on any part of the mechanism or the screen — they are plastic and may break. 1. Remove the stock aero screen mechanism from your car. Start by prying loose the two small gray plastic tabs on the top of the mechanism on the side toward the rear of the car. Use a small screwdriver. To protect the tabs from scratches or digs, wrap the screwdriver tip with a single layer of electrical tape. When the tabs are removed, you’ll see a machine screw with a Phillips head in each of the two holes. Loosen the screws with a Phillips screwdriver until the windscreen assembly detaches from the compartment cover. Save any loose parts. If the screen assembly does not come loose, proceed to step 2,. If it does, skip step 2. 2. Lift up the compartment cover. Underneath, you’ll find two small nuts that attach the windscreen mechanism to the compartment. Using a socket in a small socket wrench or driver, remove the nuts.