Home Auto Repair 2004 Acura TL Gold Emblem Installation Instructions

2004 Acura TL Gold Emblem Installation Instructions


Download Installing the Front “A” Emblem 1. Remove the two bolts that secure the left front bumper strake to the bottom of the front bumper and remove the bumper strake by sliding it sidewise. 2. Repeat step 1 to remove the right side bumper strake. 3. Remove the left side engine compartment cover (two pins and two tabs). 4. Remove the right side engine compartment cover (three pins and three tabs). 5. Open the engine hood. Remove the front bulkhead cover (three clips, two screw clips and two pins). 6. On each side fold down the front inner fender, and remove the front bumper (ten clips, two bolts and two self-tapping screws ). To prevent damage, set the bumper on a blanket during installation of the emblem. 7. Remove the center molding (five self-tapping screws). 8. Remove the two self-tapping screws that secure the existing “A” emblem and remove the emblem. 9. Slide the pins on the gold “A” emblem into the holes in the emblem base and install the two self- tapping screws you just removed. 9. Reinstall all removed parts. Check that front bumper clips are installed securely. Installing the Rear “A”, “ACURA” and “TL” Emblems 10. To prevent damage to the paint and to help you position the gold emblems, attach masking tape around the original rear “A”, “ACURA” and “TL” emblems. 11. Remove the original emblems by cutting the outer edges with a piece of string.