Home Auto Repair 1959 – 2001 Honda Classic Minis MTB2 Kit Manual Installation

1959 – 2001 Honda Classic Minis MTB2 Kit Manual Installation


Download Honda B Series Conversions for the Classic Mini MTB2 Kit: Additional Parts Needed. – Honda B Series Engine/Transmission (See List) – Coil-Over Shocks. – Front Disc Brake System: Mini Tec’s Superbrake, Mini 8.4″ Disc Barke, Other… – Wheels with a -7mm Offset to the outside (needed for turning radius clearance) or wheel spacer. – Honda Engine and ECU Wiring Harness. – Modified Honda ECU – OBD1. – Electronic Speedometer (Mechanical Gauges may not work with the Honda Engine) – Honda Civic Radiator or Mini Tec’s MTB2 Aluminum Radiator Kit. – Honda Shifter. Preparation. Step 1: Remove stock Mini engine and sub-frame. Then remove everything else in the engine compartment. Step 2: Remove inner fenders: Cut and remove both inner fenders as shown. You will need this extra space for the width of the sub-frame. Step 3: Cut out metal just below stock shock mount. This is needed to fit the MTD subframe (See following two photos). Step 5: Cut out behind grille: You will need to remove any excess metal behind your grille (See Photo below). This will give you maximum flow and cooling ability. Step 6: For additional clearance; Remove all inner metal bracketry that is attached to the lower valence. Cut off lower front valence 1″ below bumper lip at intersection. At this point you will need to reattach and weld valance to leading edge of bumper lip as shown. Step 7: Cut body for alternator clearance.