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Honda Goldwing 1100cc InstaTrike Manual Installation


Download Important Notices y Remove all preload from rear suspension of motorcycle after initial installation of InstaTrike. Readjust preload as needed. y InstaTrike is designed for use on paved surfaces only . Use of InstaTrike on unpaved terrain may void warranty. y Installation of InstaTrike requires your motorcycle to be level. Some motorcycles are not level when on the center stand. Level the motorcycle by placing spacers under the center stand as needed y When installing trailer hitch attach all bolts and brackets loosely. After all bolts and brackets are in place tighten all bolts. y Using the enclosed wooden risers under each InstaTrike wheel may make installation and removal easier particularly if traction kit is installed. Installation Checklist Review entire installation manual, Remove saddle bags and rear fender cover, Install receiver hitch and double check all bolts, Remount saddle bags, Assemble InstaTrike hitch cart, Attach InstaTrike to motorcycle via receiver hitch, Attach leanstop brace bolts to receiver hitch, Align InstaTrike wheels, Double check all bolts for tightness, Test ride InstaTrike slowly in an open area to familiarize yourself with handling characteristics. Receiver Hitch Installation Install all bolts loosely until all brackets are in place 1) Place motorcycle on center stand and be certain it is level. 2) Remove saddlebags if necessary for easier installation. 3) Mount bracket A to the lower front crash bar bolt Left side (new bolts provided) and top of left hitch arm.