Home Auto Repair 2005 Honda Rune Saddle Bags and Trunk Box Installation

2005 Honda Rune Saddle Bags and Trunk Box Installation


Download Tools Required 3/32 Hex key (Allen wrench) Phillips Screwdriver 19mm socket wrench 19mm open wrench 12mm socket wrench Wire Crimper or Pliers. NOTE: We recommend the use of Loctite® or similar thread lock product when assembling parts on your motorcycle. 1. Start by removing your stock seat. 2. Remove the top side covers using a phillips screwdriver. (Figure 1a) 3. Remove the bottom side covers by removing the screw on the top of the cover. Tug the bottom outward to release it from the rubber grommets, then slide the cover back and down to unhook it off the fender. (Figure 1b) NOTE: You will not be reusing the bottom side covers, but you will be reusing the screw that secured the side cover to the sub frame. 4. Next you are going to install the right foot peg mounting bracket (#A00848). 5. Start by removing and discarding the bottom stock hex bolt, washer and nut on the sub frame using a 19mm socket wrench and an open wrench. NOTE: You will need to open the plastic wire clip behind the stock bolt, to be able to reach the nut with the 19mm open wrench. (Figure 2) NOTE: Picture is showing the clip off of the bike for illustration. 6. Remove the bolt on the exhaust bracket using a 12mm socket or open wrench. 7. Secure the right foot peg mounting bracket using the supplied 12mm x 1.25 x 60mm hex head bolt, flat washer, three flat washers (to be used as a spacer) and nylock nut in the top position (Figure 3) .