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Honda S2000 Hood QuickLIFT Kit Installation Guide


Download Step 1 – Unpack QuickLIFT kit and verify contents. Remove all items from the packing tube. You should have the following before beginning: * (2) Gas springs (RT-QL-200-A4A) – Be sure to cycle them a few times before installing. * (4) 3/16″ Multi-grip Rivets – shorter version for hood brackets . * (4) 3/16″ Multi-grip Rivets – longer headed rivet for the fender brackets . * (4) Steel brackets – 2 fender, 2 hood. * Printed Color Instructions * Gas Spring Locking clips – (Already installed in the gas spring ball ends – Remove before assembly) Step 2 – Gather the required tools. Please gather the following tools before you begin the installation: * Power Drill * 3/16″ or indexed #11 drill bits * Fine permanent marker or felt tip pen * Tape Measure or ruler * Masking Tape * Hammer & center punch * Rivet gun, capable of 3/16″ rivets (most brands can handle this size) Step 3 – Mark centerline of hood bracket location. A. Leave your hood closed. B. Using a piece of masking tape and a permanent marker, carefully measure from the hood’s corner (near hinge and windshield) and along the fender line. Wrap the end of the tape measure over the corner lip and place a mark on the hood masking tape at 26″ . This mark will be used to align the centerline of the bracket’s ball-stud in the next step. Step 4 – Align bracket and mark 1st hole for drilling. A. Align the center of the bracket with the mark you just made on the hood.