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Honda S2000 Installation Instructions


Download HARDWARE KIT: • 2 – front foot plates (1 left / 1 right) • 2 – rear foot plates • 12 – 3/8″ X 1-1/4″ bolts • 6 – 3/8″ self locking nuts 18 – 3/8″ SAE flat washers TOOLS NEEDED: • wrenches • 2 – 9/16″ • 10mm • 12mm • 14mm • #2 phillips head screwdriver • Floor jack and jack stands • hack saw or aviation snips for cutting sheet metal and plastic interior panels belt sander or half round file for fitting plastic interior panels 1. Remove the seats. Slide the seat belt out of the loop. Unclip the seat belt warning sensor. 2. Remove the laundry hooks on the rear trim panel. Pop out the rear trim panel. 3. Remove the door sill trim. Pull up carefully. 4. Remove the nut under the shifter knob (left hand thread?) and remove the shifter knob. 5. Pop the center console up after pulling up the e-brake handle. Disconnect the hazard light and top control switches and pull the console up and over the shifter. Reconnect the top control switch and set the center console aside in driver’s foot well. 6. Remove all the screws in the center console, seat area rear trim, rear storage bin, and inside the center storage bin. 7. Disconnect the rear trunk switch in the center storage bin. 8. Remove the plastic buttons holding the rear package shelf in place. 9. Remove all the trim pieces in the trunk. Remove the spare tire. 10. Remove the interior trim piece that’s at the very back below the rear window and above the package shelf.