Home Auto Repair 1959-2001 Honda Mt-b Kit Classic Minis Engine Conversions

1959-2001 Honda Mt-b Kit Classic Minis Engine Conversions


Download MT-B Kit Contents: – MT-B Sub-frame – 2 Outer Suspension Springs (Red) – 2 Inner Suspension Springs (Blue) – Front Transmission Stabilizer Bracket – Front Transmission Stabilizer Bracket Mount – Rear Transmission Stabilizer Bracket – 2 HD Shocks – Alternator Bracket – Mounting Hardware – 2 Mini/Honda Axle Shafts – Rear Transmission Stabilizer Bracket Bushing – Front Height Suspension Adjustment Bolts – RH and LH Extended Steering Control Arms. Additional Parts Needed: – Complete Mini Upper Arm Suspension (Upper Arm, Axle, Hardware, Knuckle Joint) – Outer CV Joint Assembly (8.4″ Disc Brake Type Only) – RH and LH Swivel Hub Assemblies (8.4″ Disc Brake Type Only) – Front Disc Brake System: Mini Tec’s Superbrake, 8.4″ Disc Brakes, Other… – Wheels with a -7″ Offset to the outside (needed for turning radius clearance) – Cooling System – Engine Swap – B Series or D Series (Engine, Transmission, Shifter, Wiring, ECU) – Digital gauges: Speedometer, Coolant Temperature, Oil Pressure, etc… Preparation Step 1: Remove stock Mini engine and sub-frame. Then remove everything else in the engine compartment. See Figure 1-1 below. Step 2: Whether you use Mini Tec’s MT-B Flip Front End Kit or you do an extension yourself, you will need to cut existing Mini front end after the a-panel seem to remove existing Mini front.