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Honda GX 120 Tech Manual Installation Maintenance


Download GENERAL RULES 1. Only stock Honda GX120K1HX2 engine and gear box will be used in this class. All parts will be stock Honda specifically made for the Honda GX12OK1 HX2. 2. All stock Honda parts must be used and properly installed with the following exceptions: A. Governor system may be partially or fully removed with the exception of the steel drive gear on the crankshaft. This gear must remain intact. If shaft is removed hole must be plugged. Hole can be tapped for thread or epoxy. No wielding. B. Air cleaner may be removed. If used, all parts except for top cover and foam filter must be removed. If have stock air filter, must have vent hose connected to air filter. If factory air filter is removed, then hose from valve cover must go into a catch can. C. Stock Honda fuel tank must be removed. D. Recoil starter must be removed. Pull cup may be cut down for washer. E. Exhaust: Stock Honda muffler will be removed. Mounting flange may be cut off of muffler and used as adapter flange. Any transition from the ā€œDā€ shape of the exhaust port to round must take place with in the thickness (0.250ā€³ max.) of the flange. This applies to all exhaust systems. No steps or tapers allowed, grind marks are allowed past .25ā€³ flange area. No suspension for exhaust flange or pipe infraction just disqualification. If an after market flange is used, maximum allowable flange thickness will be 0.250 inches.