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BMW X5 Sirius Receiver Installation Guide


Download Remove the spoiler by unscrewing the five (5) Torx-30 screws from the underside of the spoiler. As you can see from the photos below, four (4) of the Torx-30 screws are located on the left and right sides, and one is in the middle of the spoiler. One of the screws on each side is hidden under the black, round plastic cover. Use a thin-blade screwdriver to pop the cover off, and remove the screw underneath. Take your time and be very careful removing this screw. You do not want to drop it in the hatch compartment because it would be a nightmare to retrieve it (if at all possible). After all five (5) screws have been loosened; remove the spoiler cover by lifting it from the front of the spoiler toward the rear. Be careful as you do not want to scratch the spoiler or the roof. Put it aside for now. I chose the right side of the spoiler to mount the Terk SIR3 antenna because the antenna lead would be closer to the Sirius receiver. But either side would be OK. In fact, I think it could be easier if the antenna was mounted on the left side and fed through the rubber grommet. The antenna lead is long enough to install on either side. MOUNTING OF THE METAL BRACKET FOR THE TERK SIR3 ANTENNA Many people argue about the fact that the antenna must be mounted on a metal surface. As a result, I decided to mount the Terk SIR3 antenna on a metal part. Since there is no metal part in the spoiler (the spoiler is made of fiberglass in case you did not know),