Home Auto Repair How to Remove the Drum on a Toyota Sienna

How to Remove the Drum on a Toyota Sienna


Removing the rear brake drums on your Toyota Sienna is the only way to inspect or replace the shoes inside the drum or inspect the drum for wear and damage. The rear brakes do not wear as quickly as the front brakes but they should not be ignored. Brake shoes that are neglected can scar the brake drums, causing damage that will require replacement of the drums over time. If the drums are in need of replacement, most auto parts stores carry aftermarket replacement drums and OE replacements are readily available from any Toyota dealer.

Tools Used: Tools, Lug wrench, Jack, Jack stands, Flat-head screwdriver, Brake spoon

Remove the Drum

Loosen the lug nuts on the rear wheel studs of your Sienna with a lug wrench but do not remove them from the wheel studs. Place a jack under the rear of the van and raise it until the tires are about two inches off the ground.