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Ford Expedition/Lincoln Navigator Direct Connect iPod Adapter


Download Ford Expedition/Lincoln Navigator Direct Connect iPod Adapter Installation Guide Radio Connection This section pertains to Ford Expedition / Lincoln Navigator vehicles that do not have a factory-installed satellite receiver. To install the iPod Adapter you will need to access the back of the OEM radio in your vehicle. Specific instructions for removing the trim in your vehicle are included in this guide. If you are not confident that you can safely remove your interior trim to perform the installation, contact your dealer or a competent mechanic for assistance. Radio Configuration You should be installing you Brandmotion iPod Adapter into a Ford Expedition / Lincoln Navigator with an OEM radio that is similar to this picture. 1. Lift off the shifter trim ring. 2. Lift out the rubber storage tray from the center console housing. 3. Remove the 7mm hex-head fastener that holds the center console housing. 4. Lift up the center console housing starting at the rear corners. 5. Work your way down the sides to remove the center console housing. 6. Remove the bottom plate of the HVAC bezel. 7. Pry up the HVAC bezel starting at the bottom corner. 8. Disconnect the wires on the HVAC bezel. Squeeze the latch on each connector to remove. 9. Remove the four 7mm hex-head fasteners from the radio. 10. Pull the radio out. 11. Disconnect the 24 pin & 16 pin connectors from the back of the radio. 12. Connect the iPod Adapter Vehicle Harness to the radio. 13. Connect the other end to the vehicle harness.