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Ford Expedition & Lincoln Navigator Edelbrock Supercharger Supplement


Download Edelbrock Supercharger Supplement 2007-2011 5.4L Ford Expedition & Lincoln Navigator Installation Instructions INSTALLATION: The following instructions pick up from step #45b of the main #1583 installation instructions. Do not attempt to begin this installation until all previous steps in the main supercharger instructions have been completed. Likewise, do not leave this installation until after the supercharger has been installed, as some areas may be very difficult to access by that point. WATER PUMP RELAY, GROUND STRAP AND WATER PUMP FUSE HOLDER 45b. Mount the water pump relay, ground strap and Water pump fuse holder to the left side of the ECU harness located on the passenger side of the firewall. 46b. The water pump fuse holder may need to be mounted to the left side of ECU. POWER STEERING PRESSURE LINE 64b. Remove the bolt that holds the power steering pressure line retention-bracket onto the under side of the pump. 77b. Remove the fitting installed on the straight side of the supplied power steering pressure hose, as it will not be utilized. Utilize the O-ring & backup ring from the OE fitting onto the supplied fitting found in bag #7. NOTE: Pay attention to the order of each ring before removing. Connect the P.S. hose to the fitting and tighten. Insert the fitting into P.S. pump then secure the supplied spacer and hold down plate with the supplied bolt. Ensure that the spacer is on the bolt, in between the P.S. pump and the hold down plate.