Home Auto Repair 2010 Ford Mustang GT Intake Systems Installation Instructions

2010 Ford Mustang GT Intake Systems Installation Instructions


Download 1. Disconnect the negative battery cable. A.) Push the green plastic tabs on each end, and remove the breather hose from vehicle. (Save for later use). B.) Loosen the hose clamp that secures the intake tube to the throttlebody. C.) Squeeze the clamp and disconnect the resonator from the air intake tube. D.) Slide the red tab, and disconnect the wiring harness from the M ass A ir F low sensor ( MAF ). 2. A.) Using a 10mm socket, remove and save the bolt that secures the airbox to the fender. B.) Using a flat blade screwdriver, carefully , push, or pry the 5 wiring loom anchors from the factory airbox. 3. Grab the airbox and tube and roll it forward while lifting up to dislodge it from the intake scoop. Remove the assembly from the vehicle. A.) Remove the two factory grommets and then replace them back into the two holes in the inner fender. B.) Remove the steel sleeve and grommet and save for reinstallation later. C.) Using the provided #20 Torx bit, remove the two screws and the MAF sensor from the tube. 4. A.) Install the filter adapter (#9) using three 1/4-20 button head bolts (#12), and flat washers (#13) into the Airaid C ool A ir D am ( CAD ) (#4) as shown. B.) Reinstall the small grommet and sleeve (removed in step #3) into the hole in the CAD . 5. Turn the CAD so that the bottom faces the left fender as shown. Now reinstall the wiring loom anchors into their respective holes starting at the back of the CAD with the two hole anchor and work your way underneath and towards the front.