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Ford Focus Single Nozzle Nitrous Kit Installation And Tuning


Download The smaller fitting, opposite the valve outlet, is for pressure relief. Should the cylinder exceed 3000psi, the relief fitting will expel the contents of the cylinder. Cars competing under IHRA regulations are required to have this relief fitting vented to the outside of the car. To comply, NitrousWorks offer an IHRA-legal relief valve, part number 16024. It’s threaded to accept either an external vent tube or braided-steel hose with a – 8AN hose end. The other end of the hose can be fixed to a -8 AN bulkhead fitting (part number 150887) to exit the car. There are several ways in which the nitrous supply line can be routed to the engine compart-ment. Some suggestions include running it under the carpet, under the kick-panel moldings, or under the floor panel. Anyone of these methods is acceptable. Ensure the line is secure, that it cannot be tugged out of position, and it’s pro-tected from blows that could cause the line to rupture. Route the line into the engine compart-ment towards the area where the air inlet tube is located and where the nozzle will be installed. Make sure the line has a small amount of slack to absorb any engine-to-chassis movement. FUEL DELIVERY SYSTEM NOTE: MAKE SURE YOUR FUEL DELIV-ERY SYSTEM CAN HANDLE THE ADDI-TIONAL REQUIREMENTS OF THE NI-TROUS SYSTEM TO AVOID LEANNESS AND SUBSEQUENT ENGINE DAMAGE. In the engine bay, locate the fuel delivery line located behind the valve/cam cover on the driver’s side.