Home Auto Repair 2005 Ford Focus 2.0L Nitrous Kit Installation Guide

2005 Ford Focus 2.0L Nitrous Kit Installation Guide


Download 1. Using the standard Ford stereo removal tool, remove the stereo. 2. Unscrew A/C controls, take out ashtray, disconnect wiring harnesses, and set trim piece aside. Note where each wiring harness goes. 3. Measure 1 5/16” down from the top of the audio unit trim, and 1 1/8” in from the driver side of the trim. Drill a hole 3/4” in diameter for nitrous switch. (FIGURE 1) 4. Cut a square groove, 1/16” long on each side, on left side of the hole (FIGURE 2). 5. Install interior nitrous arming switch (00-1703-C08569*) into the hole drilled in step 3 (FIGURE 1) 6. Connect the spade ends of the switch to bulkhead harness (05-1704-B08195) to the back of the arming switch: black wire to top bronze terminal on switch, red/blue wire to middle terminal, and red wire to lower terminal. 7. Route the switch to bulkhead harness through the dash down to the rearward side of the driver side fender well (FIGURES 3,4) 8. Reconnect wiring harnesses, reattach A/C controls, stereo, and audio trim, and replace unit. 9. With the front of the car placed SECURELY on jack stands, remove the driver side front wheel. 10. Remove black bulkhead harness molding from location in driver side fender well (FIGURE 4) Drill a ―” hole in lower outboard corner of the removed plastic piece (the molding). (FIGURE 5; hole shown close-up in FIGURE 6) 11. Pull male pin ends of switch to bulkhead harness out into the driver side fender well, through the hole drilled in the plastic molding in step 10.