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MSD Blaster SC Coil Installation Instructions


Download Parts Included: 1 – Blaster SC Coil, PN 8235 1 – Parts Bag and Mounting Hardware 1 – MSD 90° Boot and Terminal. Components Required: 1 – SC Coil Driver, PN 6305 1 – Pro-Billet Honda Distributor, PN 8488. WARNING: During installation, disconnect the battery cables. When disconnecting the battery, always remove the Negative cable first and install it last. WARNING: The Blaster SC Coil and Coil Driver produce very high voltage and current. Use caution during installation and while working near the Coil assembly. The MSD Blaster SC Coil is designed to be used with the SC Coil Driver, PN 6305, and Pro-Billet Honda Distributor, PN 8488. An MSD SCI, 6-Series and 7-Series Ignition Control may also be used. The Blaster SC Coil cannot be used with factory ignition systems as a stand alone coil. COIL LOCATION AND MOUNTING 1. Find a suitable mounting location for the Coil and Driver assembly. It can be mounted in any position as long as it is away from direct engine heat sources. Also make sure that the Coil Driver wiring harness reaches the distributor. 2. Ensure that there is enough room to clear the Coil and the Coil Driver when they are assembled. 3. Use the Coil as a template and mark the mounting holes. Figure 1 also provides a template to assist in the mounting. 4. Use a 3/16″ drill bit to make the mounting holes. ASSEMBLE THE COIL AND DRIVER 1. Position the Coil Driver, PN 6305, under the Blaster SC Coil with the aluminum base facing down.