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How to Check for Fuel Delivery on a Toyota Tacoma


The Toyota Tacoma debuted in 1995 as a compact pick-up truck and shifted into the mid sized class in 2005. Motor Trend magazine named it Truck of the Year in 2005 and the Tacoma was the best selling pick-up of the compact and mid-sized classes in the U.S. as of 2007. If you find the fuel delivery system in your Toyota Tacoma needs work, you can fix it yourself.

Check Fuel Delivery

Investigate the Tacoma fuel delivery system if the engine won’t start, if it runs rough or stalls in traffic.

Relieve system pressure by disconnecting the negative battery cable, taking off the cover to the engine relay block and removing the circuit relay. Reconnect the negative battery cable and start the engine. Let it run until it stalls. Slowly loosen the gas cap and allow system pressure to release. Reinstall the circuit and re-disconnect the negative battery cable.