Home Auto Repair 1200cc Honda Goldwing InstaTrike Installation Instructions

1200cc Honda Goldwing InstaTrike Installation Instructions


Download Receiver Hitch Mounting Instructions Install all bolts and brackets loosely until all hitch components are in place. 1) Place motorcycle on center stand 2) Remove saddle bags and rear fender cover 3) Remove lower connecting bar and clamps. ( bar will NOT be reattached) 4) Mount forward brackets C (left) / D (right) to rear saddle bag crashbars with U-bolt provided. C and D will be on TOP of forward hitch arms and underneath crashbars. Ensure all crashbar to motorcycle bolts are properly secured and tightened . Use caution not to over tighten U-bolt and crush crash bar. 5) Insert enclosed metal studs into saddlebag sub frame tube. 6) Attach rear of hitch to saddlebag sub frame with U-bolts. Tighten around sub frame tube with metal studs inserted 7) Attach bracket A (left)/ B (right) to the two 8mm main sub frame to saddlebag sub frame bolts using new bolts provided. 8) Attach bottom of A/B to rear of hitch using 2 innermost holes on hitch 9) When reinstalling saddlebags, place bottom saddlebag bolts in upside down. Do this before completing hitch installation. 10) Ensure hitch is square with motorcycle and tighten all bolts. 11) Reinstall saddlebags and rear fender. INSTALLATION OF THE TOW-PAC HITCH CART. 1. Place your motorcycle on a smooth flat surface, like a garage floor, and rest it on its center stand. 2. Assemble the axles, tires and wheels, and fenders onto the tow- pac hitch cart. 3. Carefully align the tow-pac hitch cart’s hitch mount with the receiver hitch on the motorcycle.