Home Auto Repair 2009 Honda Civic 4 Door Fog Lights Installation Instructions

2009 Honda Civic 4 Door Fog Lights Installation Instructions


Download PARTS LIST Right fog light Left fog light Switch harness Fog light harness Sub harness Combination light switch 6Wire ties Clip 2 Self-tapping screws 20 A Fuse (Some may not used.) Relay Ground bolt 2 Spring nuts TOOLS AND SUPPLIES REQUIRED Phillips screwdriver Flat-tip screwdriver Ratchet 10 mm and 12 mm Sockets Blanket Diagonal cutters 5 mm Hex wrench Illustration of Fog Lights installed on the vehicle INSTALLATION 1. Make sure you have the anti-theft codes for the audio system and navigation system (if equipped), then write down the radio presets. 2. Disconnect the negative cable from the battery. 3. Remove the front bulkhead cover (two expansion clips, three clips, and move the right and left fender trims inward). 4. With the help of an assistant, remove the front bumper (four long clips, four center clips, two socket bolts, and two self-tapping screws). To prevent damage, set the front bumper on a blanket. 5. Remove the left fog light cover (four pawls). 6. Install the spring nut onto the front bumper. 7. Install the left fog light to the fog light cover opening, and secure it with the self-tapping screw. 8. Repeat steps 5 through 7 on the other side. 9. Route the fog light harness 2-pin connector between the lower grille and the front bumper from the right side through the left side. 10. Attach the clip on the fog light harness to each hole of the lower grille. 11. Secure the fog light harness to the lower grille with one wire tie.