Home Auto Repair 2010 Acura TSX Steering Wheel Installation Instructions

2010 Acura TSX Steering Wheel Installation Instructions


Download TOOLS AND SUPPLIES REQUIRED Phillips screwdriver 14 mm T-handle wrench T30 TORX wrench Steering wheel puller Service manual Torque wrench Plastic trim tool (T/N: SILTRIMTL10) 10 mm Wrench Adhesive steering wheel offset gage sticker (T/N: 07AAJ-001A300) 1. Make sure you have the anti-theft codes for the audio and navigation system (if equipped), then write down the audio presets. 2. Disconnect the negative cable from the battery, and wait at least 3 minutes before you start to install the steering wheel. 3. Remove the access panel from the underside of the driver’s side airbag. 4. Remove the airbag connector from the switch plate. 5. Unplug the airbag connector. Pull the spring-loaded sleeve toward the stop while holding the opposite half of the airbag connector, then pull the airbag connector halves apart. Be sure to pull on the sleeve and not on the harness wires. 6. Remove and discard the two TORX bolts that secure the airbag, and remove the airbag. Carefully set the airbag in a secure location with the pad facing up. Do not drop or bump the airbag. 7. Turn the steering wheel so the front wheels are in the straight-ahead position. 8. Disconnect the 13-pin connector from the cable reel. Remove the steering wheel bolt. Using a steering wheel puller, remove the steering wheel. Do not thread the steering wheel puller bolts in more than 10 mm. Be careful not to rotate the steering wheel during removal. 9. Remove the right switch cover from the steering wheel (four retaining tabs).