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Ford Street Rod Pickup Bed Installation Instructions


Download REQUIRED TOOLS Flat work surface, floor or bench Electric or battery drill Drill bits – 1/8 -5/16 – 11/32 – 17/32 Mig welder (optional) Body grinder (optional) Wrenches – 9/16″ – 1/2″ – 7/16″ 3/16 Allen wrench Nutsert installation tool – available from Pro’s Pick or industrial hardware supply Tape measure, Felt tip marker, Pencil MBCHYCDQV42H STEP 1 UNPACKING Check the contents to make sure that it’s all here! Description Qty Front panel 1 Left bedside 1 Right bedside 1 Cross members 4 may be various sizes *42-47 only has 3 Rear cross member 1 Rear cross member hardware kit 1 As with most things in life there is more than one way to skin a cat. When Henry produced your truck it was meant to haul hay & pigs. They weren’t too fussy about the way things fit. Today we expect things to fit like the new vehicles. If you take a side view of most of the Ford trucks of this era they look like their back is broken and if you look at a 40 from the side, the hood looks like it’s going uphill. These are optical illusions. This means that if we are going to have the “Right Look” we will have to correct these things. We have found the following procedure to work best for us. STEP 2: INSTALL REAR Cross member If using a Pro’s Pick “Smoothie Tailgate kit with your bed consult step 2 of the tailgate installation instructions before proceeding. The rear cross member bolts to the bedsides with two 3/8 x 1″ bolts on each side. The rear cross member will sit on the bottom bedside lip and be flush with the rear of the lower bedside panel.