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1991 Acura NSX Engine Removal/Installation Procedure


Download The NSX engine removal/installation procedure has been changed. Instead of a chain hoist, as shown in the NSX service manual, use the fixture shown in the Acura Advantage video release titled “1991 New Model Introduction: Engine” (Reorder # E1329). The fixture should be set up as described on the back of this bulletin. To use the fixture, follow this procedure: Begin on page 5-19 in the NSX Service Manual. (The sequence of these steps will be different if you use a lifting table.) •Follow steps 1 through 47 as written. •After step 47, write this note in your manual: “Refer to Engine Service Bulletin 91-037.” •Instead of step 48, follow these steps: 48(a). Before you attach the fixture to the engine cradle, loosely install two 12 mm nuts and one10 mm bolt in locations shown. Loosely install two 12 mm nuts on studs here. Loosely install one 10 mm bolt here. 48(b). With the help of an assistant, slide the fixture into position on the nuts and bolt you just installed on the cradle. Then install the other 10 mm bolt through the fixture’s last mount hole. Securely tighten both bolts and both nuts. 48(c). Adjust the fixture support pads firmly against the oil pan and the transmission housing to support the engine/transmission. •Instead of step 49, follow these steps: 49(a). Reinstall the front engine mount bolt. 49(b). Lower the car until the fixture is flat on the floor (or the cart) and supporting the weight of the engine-transmission-cradle assembly. •Follow steps 50 through 52 as written. •Delete steps 53 through 56.