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How to Install a Fuel Tank on a Toyota Tundra


The Toyota Tundra is a multi-purpose pick-up truck designed to carry loads of any size, from furniture to landscaping equipment. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer and find your Toyota truck needs a new fuel tank, you’re in luck. With some basic garage staples and a little elbow grease, you can install a fuel tank in your 2002 or more recent model Tundra with minimal complications.

Tools Used: Tools, Siphoning hose, Fuel container, Jackstands, Floor jack, Wooden board, Fuel tank, Towels, Fire extinguisher

Install a Fuel Tank

Take off the fuel tank filler cap and turn off the car battery by unplugging the negative battery terminal. Put in the siphoning hose to empty the fuel into a fuel container. Raise the trunk on jack stands to get under it. Remove all fuel lines and hoses on or around the fuel tank. Lower the fuel tank to the ground with a floor jack.