Home Auto Repair 2006 Cadillac Truck SRX AWD Power Steering Gear Replacement

2006 Cadillac Truck SRX AWD Power Steering Gear Replacement

Download Removal Procedure : 1.Page 1 Power Steering Gear Replacement Tools Required J 24319-B Steering Linkage and Tie Rod Puller J 42640 Steering Column Anti-Rotation Pin Removal Procedure Install the J 42640 to the steering column. 2. Remove the front tires and wheels. 3. Remove the front air deflector.5.Caution: Failure to disconnect the intermediate shaft from the rack and pinion stub shaft can result in damage to the steering gear and/or intermediate shaft. This damage can cause loss of steering control which could result in personal injury.Notice: The wheels of the vehicle must be straight ahead and the steering column in the LOCK position before disconnecting the steering column or intermediate shaft from the steering gear. Failure to do so will cause the coil assembly in the steering column to become uncentered which will cause damage to the coil assembly. Remove the intermediate shaft lower pinch bolt. Disconnect the intermediate shaft from the power steering gear.7.Disconnect the variable effort steering harness connector. 8.Remove the outer tie rod retaining nuts.