Home Auto Repair 2005 Suzuki Verona Intake Manifold Removal

2005 Suzuki Verona Intake Manifold Removal

Download 1. Remove the fuel pump fuse. 2. Start the engine and repeat cranking until the remaining fuel in the fuel line is all consumed. 3. Disconnect the negative battery cable. 4. Drain the engine coolant. 5. Remove the engine beautification cover retaining nut and engine beautification cover. 6. Remove the air filter snorkel. 7. Remove the VIS vacuum tank. 8. Disconnect the fuel pressure regulator vacuum hose. 9. Disconnect the fuel line. 10. Remove the breather hose. 11. Remove the PCV vacuum hose. 12. Remove the air filter outlet hose. 13. 14. 15. 16. Remove the throttle body assembly. Disconnect the charcoal canister purge solenoid connector and hose. Disconnect the Oxygen Sensor(O2S) connector. Disconnect the Manifold Absolute Pressure(MAP) sensor connector 17. Disconnect the Crankshaft Position(CKP) sensor connector. 18. Disconnect the Exhaust Gas Recirculation(EGR) solenoid connector. 19. Disconnect the Camshaft Position(CMP) sensor connector.20. Remove the Intake Air Temperature(IAT) sensor. 21. Disconnect the ignition coil connector. 22. Remove the vacuum hose on the brake booster. 23. Remove the EGR pipe from the intake manifold. 24. Remove the engine coolant temperature sensor.