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1999 Audi A4 Quattro Sedan Oil Pan (Upper Part) and Oil Pan (Lower Part), Removing and Installing

Download Special tools and equipment z z z z Drill with plastic brush attachment Silicon sealant D 176 404 A2 Torque wrench 10 Nm/45 Nm Switch ignition off and disconnect battery Ground (GND) strap. CAUTION: Before disconnecting the battery, determine the correct coding for the anti-theft radio. z Withdraw dipstick. z Unbolt dipstick tube on cylinder head, pull up and remove. z z z z Remove noise insulation panel (arrows). Lock carrier in service position. Refer to Engine, disassembling and assembling. Drain engine coolant. Drain engine oil into appropriate receptacle. Vehicles with automatic transmission z Unbolt oil line bracket from right-side of oil pan. z Set 10-222A engine support bridge together with 10-222A/3 engine support adapter on fender mounting edges. z Attach 2024A engine sling to mounting eyes at front and rear of engine. z Using 10-222A engine support bridge spindle, lift up engine as far as possible. z z z z z Cut tie wraps (arrows), open bracket for starter wiring and remove wiring. Remove torque support at front of engine. Unbolt coolant line at front of engine from oil pan.