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2001 Mercedes Benz C 240 Interior – Seat Noise

Download Repairs for Noise Complaints Regarding Seats This bulletin addresses complaints regarding noisy seats. Follow the steps to ensure that the problem is fixed correctly. A. Repair Instructions 1. To better analyze the seat noises, maintain the customer’s original seat positions, including cushion angles and backrest positions. It is a good idea to also store the customer’s seat positions in vehicle memory. Note: Seat noises can depend on individual seat positions involving the backrest and cushions as well as the manner in which customers enter and sit in the vehicle. Analyze the noise problem with the customer present. Note their interpretations of various seat adjustments and resulting sounds from each seat and back rest positions. Before performing any adjustments, be sure to unbolt the seat from the vehicle while keeping the electrical seat harness connected. With the seat unbolted, use the seat control switch to move the seats over the entire adjustment ranges; i.e., all the way forward, back, up, down, etc. Bolt the seat back into the vehicle. The majority of complaints will be remedied by simply loosening and refastening the seats.