Home Auto Repair 2005 Saab 9-2X Linear TIMING BELT Removal

2005 Saab 9-2X Linear TIMING BELT Removal

Download 2. Remove accessory drive belt cover. See Fig. 1 . Remove accessory drive belts. 3. Hold crankshaft pulley stationary, and remove crankshaft pulley center bolt. Remove crankshaft pulley. Remove timing belt 4. Turn crankshaft to align crankshaft and camshaft timing notches with marks on rear timing cover and engine block. See Fig. 2 and Fig. 3 . On manual transmission models, remove timing belt guide from top of crankshaft pulley. 5. On all models, if reusing old belt, use White paint to mark timing belt in relation to sprocket timing marks. See Fig. 4 . Also mark timing belt direction of travel. Count number of teeth between marks. For correct count, see INSTALLATION MARK MEASUREMENT SPECIFICATIONS table. 6. Remove No. 2 timing belt idler pulley. See Fig. 5 . Remove timing belt. Remove timing belt automatic tensioner with rod facing up.