Home Auto Repair 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Heater Core: Service and Repair

2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Heater Core: Service and Repair

Download REMOVAL 1. Remove the heater-A/C housing from the vehicle. See: Housing Assembly HVAC/Service and Repair 2. Remove the foam gasket surrounding the core tubes. NOTE: Notice the orientation of the irregularly shaped gasket on the tubes. The gasket must be placed correctly to ensure proper sealing against the body during reinstallation. 3. Remove the screws and retainers that secure the heater core and tubes to the heater-A/C housing. 4. Remove the mode door actuator if necessary, for clearance to remove the core. 5. Lift the heater core straight up and out of the heater-A/C housing. 6. When replacing individual tubes, loosen and remove the round tube-to-core clamp, and pull tube from core. INSTALLATION 1. When installing individual tubes, insert tube into core ensuring that tube O-ring is seated in core and not pinched. Hold tube in seated position while installing the round tube-to-core clamp. NOTE: The round tube-to-heater-core clamp should be left loose enough to turn the tube in the core. Position the core in the housing, and then tighten the tube-to-heater-core clamp after orienting the tubes to the molded heater-A/C housing. 2. Lower the heater core into the heater-A/C housing.