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2004 Nissan 350Z Owners Manual

Download seconds, the closing movement will finish and the indicator light goes off.) • Windows opened. • The passenger seatback will automatically move forward, unless the seatback tilt cancel switch is in the CANCEL position. It will return to the original position after the top operation. (See “Automatic pas- senger seatback tilt function” shown on the previous page of this section.) will automatically CLOSING THE TOP 1. Apply the parking brake and move the selec- tor lever to the P (Park) position (for the automatic transmission model) or the shift lever to the N (Neutral) position (for the manual transmission model). 2. Start the engine. 3. Depress the foot brake pedal. 4. Press CLOSE on the soft top operating switch and hold it until the top is fully closed. • The soft top indicator light will illuminate while the top is in motion. (In about 20 3-24 Pre-driving checks and adjustments 5. Release the switch when the top is fully closed. (The indicator light goes off.) SPA1693 6. Securely engage the front edge of the top to the vehicle body with the top latch lever.