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Removal/Installation Acura MDX 2003 Center Console

Download Special Tools Required KTC trim software set SOJATP2014 NOTE: Use the appropriate instrument from the KTC trim instrument set to keep away from injury when prying components. Take care to not scratch the entrance seat, dashboard, and related parts. 1. Take away the console panel (A). -1 Detach the clips (B) by pulling the beverage holder (C) up, then remove it. -2 Remove the shift indicator trim ring (D). -three Gently detach the clips (E), then take away the console panel. 2. Without rear leisure system: Detach the clips by hand, and remove the middle panel decrease trim (A). 3. With rear entertainment system: Take away the coin pocket (A). Pull the DVD panel (B) out to detach the clips, then take away the panel. 4. Detach the clips and release the hooks (A), then take away the driver’s console side trim (B) and passenger’s console aspect trim (C). 5. Gently pull out the console rear trim (A) to detach the clips and to release the hooks (B), then disconnect the rear heater-A/C passenger’s management panel-unit connector (C).