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1996 – 2000 Honda Civic EMISSION CONTROLS

Download The next techniques may be checked individually, and most of them could be checked utilizing appropriate diagnostic equipment. Beginning with mannequin yr 1996 the Honda passenger autos are On Board Diagnostic model II (OBD-II) compliant. Using a suitable OBD-II Data Scan Software (DST) can save valuable diagnostic time and allows the techniques to be checked while the engine is working without chance of damaging the component, wire connections or the insulation. One other benefit of utilizing an appropriate OBD-II DST is that the programs will be checked how they interact with each other, and could be checked throughout preliminary begin-up, monitored through the warm up interval and at normal working temperatures. An appropriate OBD-II DST additionally permits for any stored Diagnostic Bother Codes (DTCs) faults to be accessed and cleared.Operation of the Positive Crankcase Air flow (PCV) system The Constructive Crankcase Air flow (PCV) system is used to control and purge the crankcase blow-by vapors. The gases are recycled within the following method: