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2008 Nissan Altima Exhaust System Installation

Download Earlier than eradicating the original exhaust system from your automobile, please examine the components you will have obtained with the bill of supplies offered on the earlier page to guarantee that you have all of the elements obligatory for the set up of your new Borla Performance Rear Part Exhaust System.Authentic Exhaust System Removing: Word: With a used car, we propose a penetrating spray lubricant to be utilized liberally to all exhaust fasteners and permitting a major time frame for the chemical to lubricate the threads before trying to disassemble.1. Unbolt the flange shown in determine 1 situated just in front of the rear muffler assembly. 2. Unbolt the bottom strap shown in determine 2 from the rear muffler. 3. Beginning with the left (driver) side, using a flat blade screwdriver, 4. Lubricate hangers and rubber isolators. 5. Take away the hangers from the rubber isolators and remove the rear muffler from the car as proven in figure 3.Warning: Use excessive caution throughout installation. Torque all fasteners in response to manufacturer’s torque values and tightening sequence. DO NOT use air impact tools to tighten fasteners on Borla Efficiency Exhaust Systems.