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How to Change the Oil on a Porsche 928


As one of the few V8-powered Porsches ever produced, the 928’s oil change procedure differs greatly from the procedure used to change the oil on Porsche’s typically mid-engine cars. The 928’s V8 engine has a large oil crankcase capable of storing slightly over two gallons, or 8.5 quarts, of synthetic oil. Because the crankcase is so large, some enthusiasts suggest that the car is OK simply changing the oil twice per year.

Tools Used: Tools, 8.5 quarts of oil, Oil filter, Oil filter removal tool, Socket wrench, 15 mm socket, Torque wrench, Oil drain pan

Change the Oil

Start your 928’s engine and allow it to warm up to the standard operating engine temperature. Position the ramps in front of each front wheel while the car is warming up, then drive the car up onto the ramps. Turn off your engine once it has reached operating temperature and it is positioned correctly on the ramps.