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Engine Control Module '03 Nissan Altima

Download Engine Control Module ’03 Nissan Altima – Control Module Pinout Values ECM Harness Connector Terminal Layout ECM Terminals and Reference Value PREPARATION 1. ECM is located behind the glove box. For this inspection, remove glove box. 2. Remove ECM harness protector.3. Perform all voltage measurements with the connector connected. Extend tester probe as shown to perform tests easily. Open harness securing clip to make testing easier. Use extreme care not to touch 2 pins at one time. Data is for comparison and may not be exact. ECM INSPECTION TABLE Specification data are reference values and are measured between each terminal and ground. Pulse signal is measured by CONSULT-II. CAUTION: Do not use ECM ground terminals when measuring input/output voltage. Doing so may result in damage to the ECMs transistor. Use a ground other than ECM terminals, such as the ground.