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Steering-Squealing Noises When Turning Mercedes Benz S


Download 2000 Mercedes Benz S 500 (220.175) V8-5.0L (113.960) Squealing/Squeaking Noises From Area of Rack-And-Pinion When Steering in Both Directions If you receive customer reports in the above model vehicles of squealing or squeaking noises when steering in both directions when the engine is warm, the cause may be due to insufficient lubrication at the radial shaft sealing ring in the control head. Follow below steps to add additive Lubrizol 6178 into steering oil: 1. Check whether Lubrizol has already been added. This can be verified by a yellow dot on the steering gear and power steering pump housings. 2. If Lubrizol has already been added, repair the vehicle per DTB P-B-46.20/25a dated March 27, 2006. 3. Ensure steering system is brought up to operating temperature (approx. 80 deg C). 4. Suction off 50 ml of steering oil. 5. Pour in 50 ml of Lubrizol 6178 (NOTE : Shake bottle before pouring in). 6. Turn steering wheel to a limit stop with the engine running. Then hold steering wheel in this position for 1-2 seconds and quickly (in jerking motion) turn the steering wheel out of the limit stop while increasing the engine speed from idle to approximately 1200 rpm. Repeat this procedure at both limit stops until the noise is no longer audible.