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Harley-Davidson Changeout/Set Up/Maintenance/Repairs


Download Harley-Davidson Changeout/Set Up/Maintenance/Repairs – The Vendor shall use the custom wiring specifications from the current model year Harley-Davidson set ups. One fully outfitted 2005 model is being decommissioned and may be used as a model for 2006 set up. 2. Attach custom tray, rear box, and custom electronics box to rear mount. Rear box should be attached to the rear of the motorcycle using no more than four mounting holes. The rear box shall be adjusted to the officer assigned to the motorcycle by moving it forward or to the rear and by using spacers to elevate the box for saddlebag lid clearance. 3. Install custom brackets for radio, radar/lidar, flashlight and rear box tray. Brackets from changed-out motorcycles can be used on the new motorcycles and vendor shall modify or reinforce to correct metal fatigue as necessary to maintain functionality. 4. Install all components in the rear electronic box to facilitate repairs and maximize available storage space. These components include power source for cell phone, two-way radio, opticom power supply and auxiliary fuse panel. 5. Set handlebars, hand controls and position of rear tour pack to proper height and alignment for assigned rider.