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Harley-Davidson Auxiliary LED Brake Light Installation


Download Harley-Davidson Auxiliary LED Brake Light Installation – If you are mounting the lighthead on a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle box, use the existing wire hole. Drill your mounting holes so the wire hole (located very close to the mounting hole in the lighthead) will line up with the wires, but not interfere with the mounting holes. Since the lighthead can mount to any vehicle, this manual will cover mounting to a generic location. 1. Mark the location of the 2 mounting holes onto the mounting surface using the dimensions shown above, or remove the lens and use it as a template. Always check behind the mounting surface to be sure you will not interfere with any other vehicle components. 2. Drill the 2 mounting holes using a drill sized for a #6 sheet metal screw, then drill the 9/32″ wire access hole 5/16″ away from the mounting hole as shown. 3. Feed the wires through the wire hole then secure the brake light to the mounting surface with the supplied mounting hardware. 4. Wire the lighthead into your existing brake light wiring, matching the lighthead wire colors to the vehicle wire colors (see “Wiring”). WARNING! All customer supplied wires that connect to the positive terminal of the battery must be sized to supply at ,…