Home Auto Repair 2002-03 Harley Davidson Power Commander Installation

2002-03 Harley Davidson Power Commander Installation


Download 2002-03 Harley Davidson Power Commander Installation – Your Power Commander has been programmed with a base map for your application. You can adjust the base map or install an alternate map using your Computer. Please refer to the supplied CD-Rom for more information. You can also adjust your Power Commander using the face plate buttons as described below. 1. With the ignition off, hold down all three buttons on the Power Commander unit. 2. While still holding down the buttons, turn the ignition on. 3. Release buttons. 4. Select the range you wish to adjust: Low, Med, High, by pushing the corresponding button once. 5. At this point holding that button down will move the lights down ( leaning out the mixture). 6. Pushing the button repeatedly will move the light up (richening the mixture). 7. When the two center light are lit up this is the “0″ setting. After making your adjustments wait 20 seconds before starting the bike or turning it off. This allows the settings to be saved to memory. To verify that it is safe to start the bike, move the throttle and watch to see if the lights move up and down the scale. If they do, you may start or turn off the bike. 5