Home Auto Repair 1996 – 1999 Honda Civic MIL Is On With Blown Fuse 15

1996 – 1999 Honda Civic MIL Is On With Blown Fuse 15

Download The MIL is on with a DTC of P1298 (electrical load detector), P0135 (major heated oxygen sensor), P0141 (secondary heated oxygen sensor), or P0501 (vehicle pace sensor) stored. Fuse 15 in the beneath-dash fuse field is blown.REPAIR PROCEDURE 1. Write down the customer’s radio station presets. 2. Disconnect the unfavorable cable from the battery. 3. Raise the automotive on the hoist. 4. Remove the consumption manifold bracket.5. Disconnect the engine wire harness from the intake manifold bracket. 6. Tape any broken wires in the harness going to C115 (see REQUIRED MATERIALS).7. Set up the corrugated tubing over the harness. Tape the tubing to the harness to hold it in position.8. Reinstall the engine wire harness to the intake manifold bracket. Reinstall the bracket to the engine. Torque the bolts to 24 N.m (17 lb-ft). 9. Decrease the car. 10. Reconnect the unfavorable battery cable. 11. Enter the shopper’s radio station presets. Set the clock.