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2001 BMW X5 3.0i (E53) Replacing Outside Handle From Left or Right Front Door

Download Take away lock cylinder fully from entrance door. Passenger side: take away cover on outside handle. Removing: slacken nut (1) on outside handle (2) (do not release absolutely). Set up: contact floor (3) of out of doors deal with (2) should rest with out play against lock actuator (four). 5az exterior handle to lock actuator observe: match the older outer frame (1) of screw cowl (damage to paint). Pull exterior handle (2) as far outwards/upwards as doable and secure in this position with a screwdriver (3). Observe: for elimination, the skin handle (1) should stay secured with a screwdriver (3). A pull off exterior handle (1) from rear lock actuator b pull off outside handle (1) in lowest setting (as shown in illustration) from front lock actuator (4). Set up: old outer frame (1) of screw cowl should be fitted (harm to color). Press lock actuator (1) with a screwdriver (2) fully into “open” setting. Mount outdoors deal with on this position. Installation: helps (1) and (2) on outside handle (three) must not be damaged. Set up: if necessary, substitute faulty seals (1) and (2) for out of doors handle. Installation: carry out perform check solely with door open.