Home Auto Repair 2006 Cadillac CTS CTS-V Exhaust System Installation

2006 Cadillac CTS CTS-V Exhaust System Installation


Download Exhaust System Removal: 1. Using a 15mm socket or wrench, remove the four flange nuts (See Fig. A). NOTE: Be sure to save all nuts, bolts, rubber isolators and the cross brace removed from the vehicle. They will be used to install theā€¦. Performance exhaust system in later steps. 2. Using a 13mm socket or wrench, remove the two cross brace bolts and the cross brace (See Fig. B). 3. Remove the four rubber isolators located after the rear mufflers from the factory exhaust system (See Fig. C). 4. The only supports connecting the factory exhaust system to the vehicle are located at the inlet of the rear mufflers. Support the exhaust system, and keeping the rubber isolators connected to the exhaust system, slide the rubber isolators off of the vehicle (See Fig. D). 5. Remove the exhaust system. CORSA Performance Exhaust System Installation: 1. Remove all exhaust system components from the shipping cartons, including clamps. NOTE: There are six 2.5-inch clamps supplied. NOTE: Apply the anti-seize lubricant (supplied) to the threads ONLY of all the TORCA band clamps and flange bolts. Failure to follow this procedure can cause nuts to seize on clamps and potentially destroy threads. After applying anti-seize lubricant, be sure to thoroughly clean hands as lubricant will tarnish stainless steel. 2. Locate the driver side front pipe assembly (See Fig. E) . 3. Place the assembly over the flange bolts after the catalytic converter,