Home Auto Repair 2008 BMW 325Xi Exhaust System Removal And Installation

2008 BMW 325Xi Exhaust System Removal And Installation

Download Exhaust system notice: elimination of exhaust system must be carried out with help of a second person. Elimination support exhaust system with jack and particular instrument (31 2 220) and secure towards falling out. See fig. 1 . Remove nuts (1) and remove connecting plate (2). See fig. 2 . Take away screw (1) and take away exhaust bracket. See fig. 3 . On sedan and coupe, remove screws (1) and take away reinforcement plate (2). See fig. four . Remove screws (three). Reinforcement plate (4) is related to exhaust system through rubber mounts and does not have to be removed. 5. On convertible, remove screws and take away body reinforcement strut (1). See fig. 5 . Take away screws. See fig. 6 . Reinforcement plate (1) is linked to exhaust system via rubber mounts and doesn’t should be removed. 6. On all automobiles, if fitted, detach vacuum hose (1) from vacuum unit (2). See fig. 7 . 7. Remove nuts on rubber mount of rear muffler on left and right. See fig. 8 . Decrease exhaust system with lifter and remove. 1. 2. 3. 4. Set up 1. 2. 3. 4. To install, reverse removal procedure. Verify seals (1). See fig. 9 . Replace, if necessary.